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news. this next one is a law that could impact nearly every restaurant in san jose. city leaders want to ban styrofoam takeout containers, the proposal going up for a vote next week. community groups are lending their support to this idea. arturo santiago joins us live. you just heard city council members and environmentalist groups speaking out on banning styrofoam takeout on restaurants. what are they saying? >> caller: this proposed ordinance that would ban styrofoam food packages took nearly two years. they feel they can finally get it done. environmental groups along with a san jose councilman gathered at the park to pry open a manhole cover in order to access a storm water capture device. this cylinder was installed last summer and has not been yet cleaned out. it filters out garbage from 68
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acres of storm water runoff. the idea is to show the advanced amount of polystyrene that can pollute our storm water system. save our shore, california clean water action and save the bay are all speaking out in favor of thf proposed ordinance. they all agree that tough poll sis and regulations are needed to reduce the amount of styrofoam trash that's in the bay area creeks and san francisco bay. >> that plastic and styrofoam are a huge component of trash that ends up in the bay. a lot of people don't realize that anything on the streets goes down a storm drains, that's mostly not screened. it mostly goes straight into the creeks in the bay that harms fish and wildlife. >> we're optimistic that we'll have a majority to move forward. san jose has always been an environmental leader. in this case there are an awful lot of cities out there already saying we want to move beyond polystyrene. >> supporters of the proposed ordinance say the ultimate goal is to make the switch to using
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nonstyrofoam food packaging. and the proposed ordinance banning styrofoam food packaging will go up for a vote in front of the city council next tuesday. we're live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. now to our continuing coverage overseas as south african olympian oscar pistorius is granted bail in the murder case against him. soon after this decision was handed down, pistorius posted the $112,000 bond and left the court with his family. nbc's michelle kosinski was in the courtroom and has more. >> reporter: oscar pistorius sobbed, his body shaking, as this ruling was read. >> the accused has made a case to be released on bail. >> reporter: you can say in many ways this was expected, but this judge kept everyone guessing. >> of course i'm pleased. >> it doesn't mean -- we are
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going to make sure that we continue the case. >> reporter: his ruling lasted two hours. he criticized the prosecution saying a lot of the evidence they presented was flawed, but then saying that didn't mean that their case was not strong. next, he hit pistorius, saying he had problems with his account of what happened that morning, saying if pistorius felt so vulnerable that he needed to grab his gun and start shooting into a bathroom in which he did not know who was there, then why did he rush into danger when he had so many opportunities available to him? the judge ultimately ruled that pistorius was not a flight risk, not a danger to the public. he needs to surrender his passports, his guns, no drugs or alcohol, he can't return to the scene of the alleged crime, which is his house, he needs permission to leave his town and has to check in with police twice a week. back to you. >> michelle, thank you very much. police in four states including right here in california now searching for the shooter who killed an oakland
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rapper on the las vegas strip. kenneth cherry was shot as he drove down las vegas boulevard around 4:30 yesterday morning. the rapper's maserati then crashed into a cab causing an explosion that killed both the taxi driver and the passenger. a total of four other people were also injured including a passenger in that maserati. police say that passenger is cooperating with the investigation. police also say that shooting began with an argument in the valet parking area in front of the aria hotel that ended up spilling out on to the strip. that's when people inside a black range rover began shooting at the maserati cherry was driving. nbc bay area spoke with cherry's father said he got the call from his son's girlfriend yesterday morning. >> i heard it was some kind of disagreement, and then the guys pulled to the side of him and he let his window down and they just started shooting. my son, for the record, did not have any guns in his car. there was no gun battle or
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nothing like that. >> cherry sr. says his son went to several catholic schools in the east bay including st. mary's high school in albany. he briefly attended chico state before dropping out to pursue his career of rap in las vegas. he leaves behind three young children including a 2-month-old baby girl. in the south bay one person was hurt when a car slammed into a vta bus. a vta spokesperson said a car ran a red light at capital expressway and tully road about 5:15 this morning then hit that bus. 14 people were on the bus. one passenger was hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. the other passengers got on to another bus to continue to their destination. happening right now, san jose police holding a news conference surrounding a woman who notoriously claim shed found a human finger inside of a bowl of wendy's chili. today she's back in court again accused of lying to police for a completely different case. anna ayala is accused of coming
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up with elaborate stories after her son accidentally shot himself in the ankle at their san jose home. eyial la apparently gave police names of two different men who she initially said shot her son. she later admitted that, yeah, she made it all up because her son is a convicted burglar who is not allowed to have a gun. we have a crew at today's news conference and we'll bring you all the details tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. students at the university of san francisco say they're demands are being met. we've just learned that the chancellor has agreed to talk about their concerns about the school's accreditation. the students have been holding a sit-in at the main campus since yesterday. they want to talk to the chancellor about school plans to avoid closure. the college is fighting to keep its accreditation after the school was found to have an excessive number of campuses in high noninstructional faculty costs. this morning student assist the
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chancellor has agreed to meet with them. >> we have a victory. one of our demands was met for our chancellor to post town hall meetings at all the campuses of city college. so we're feeling good. we're going to go into this meeting with our good hopes and high hopes. >> the students are also demanding the school reverse cuts to faculty and classes. if the college fails to show adequate improvement, it could close in june. a gun buy-back event spearheaded by two bay area fathers is taking place this weekend on the peninsula. menlo park based protect our children has raised more than $30,000 for tomorrow's event which will trade cash for firearms, no questions asked. the organization's founder roger lee and coordinator james cook both have children in palo alto schools, and they say they were deeply affected by the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. police officers from menlo park, palo alto and east palo alto will collect those guns at city
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hall in east palo alto from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. still ahead, dangerous weather in the midwest. we're going to show you how this plane ended up sliding right off a runway. >> hey, very good morning to you. i'm lawrence scott. the giants not just getting ready for cactus league play but also the world baseball classic. we talked to some of the players about that coming up in just a bit. this is bob redel looking into why so many people are drawn into the so much strange and unusual flowers. we'll take you to what is the country's largest orchid expo taking place here in the bay area. it's one of those california weekends where you can comfortably hit the slopes or the beach, but you might not want to go anywhere. your stellar forecast.
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we have new video just in to our newsroom this morning.
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take a look at a jet that slid off a runway in cleveland. an airport spokesperson says united airline flight from ft. lauderdale had just landed, but when the 737 made a turn on to the taxiway, it slid right off into that grassy area. very slippery conditions have been reported in the area because of all the snow and rain mix out there. we're happy to report even though the plane slid off, nobody was hurt. boeing's troubled 787 dreamliner may soon take flight again. the company said it found a temporary fix for battery problems that have grounded that fleet, the entire fleet, and will present the plan to faa officials lathe later on today. boeing is not giving any specifics at this point but the plan does include putting the battery inside of a fire-resistant container to prevent that overheating. if you recall, back in january, all dreamliners were grounded worldwide after battery problems on two separate flights. if this plan is approved boeing
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hopes to have the dreamliner flying again by april. the largest orchid show in the u.s. just opened its doors right here in the bay area pap bob redell is live at ft. mason in san francisco with a look at some of the unusual flowers. are you now an orchid expert, bob? >> reporter: i am definitely an orchid expert. good morning to you. when the doors opened here about an hour ago there was a long line out front. you can see why. people want to come here. these are really just unusual creatures, these flowers here. there's just so many different species. i could go on and on about it b you i know someone who is a little bit more of an expert, the author of the book "the orchid whisperer," the orchid whisperer himself, bruce roberts. >> great to have you at the show. don't steal anything. >> new hybrid from chinese orchids. the first time it's ever been shown in public. the size, the color, the way it
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grows, it's made it a crowd favorite. >> reporter: look at this right here, that doesn't look like an orchid to me. >> it doesn't even have any leaves? our famous orchid in the united states, the ghost orchid also doesn't have any leaves. they don't need leaves to be a good orchid. >> reporter: there's so many different species. >> 80,000, climbing every day, climbing every minute. >> reporter: this one over here is from papua new guinea. >> you are great. >> reporter: i recognize it. this is totally different. >> this is an amazing orchid, look at the lip. >> reporter: is this considered rare? >> here in san francisco, it is almost extinct in the wild. five years ago this was a very hard orchid to find. >> reporter: a bottle brush orchid. >> good to clean out your old beer bottles and stuff. >> reporter: we've seen a few
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orchids that look completely different. why are those all orchids? >> the thing about orchids, all the pollen is always masked in any of these. the pollen is masked. they say five and five petals, this one only has three steeples and no pet always. the big key is the pollen mast. that's what makes an orchid an orchid. >> reporter: just to show you know what you are doing. >> they say i can make a brick bloom. >> reporter: it worked? >> don't throw it at anybody, though. >> reporter: we just have a few more moments. if i were to call you up -- i know you're an orchid expert, i could call you and say, i want this ork you had from china or from this other part of the world and -- >> i'll get it for you. >> reporter: how? you have experience. >> lots of experience. you have to be connected in terms of who you know and where you go. you have to be legal in terms of the paperwork and all that stuff. >> reporter: there are some of the most common orchids at the
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show. >> the most beautiful. actually, this is one of our best, the beauty award from taiwan. taiwan is the sponsor of the year's show. we're really glad to have them. most of these different looking ones that you see, that you'll see in your kmarts in about a year are the new easy to grow hybrids. >> bruce, thank you very much. >> bob, a lot of fun. you didn't come here for the orchids. >> reporter: no, i got these on the bottom of my shoes. john, i want to congratulate you on that arrangement you did. i know you're a big florist. i didn't know you were that good. the show runs saturday and sunday. you can go to orchidssan the first year for the orchid expo, the largest of its kind in north america. >> i appreciate the love. that arrangement is from me to you from the heart. enjoy it. >> thank you. i'll give you my collection of roses when i get home.
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>> yeah. valentine's day is a little late. he knows i'm a botany major so -- >> mm-hmm. >> tomorrow, moving on, thank you very much. giants take to the field for that cactus league ball game, the first of the season. >> about a week from now, a few giants players will take on the world literally. lawrence scott joins us from arizona with a look at the team's first spring training game and the baseball classic. >> greetings from scottsdale. cactus league play starts tomorrow, but that's not the only baseball that will be played this spring before the regular season. the world baseball classic taking place throughout this spring, and in mid-march, the semifinals and finals will be at at&t park. we talk to the giants players what an honor it lot be to represent their countries. spring training in scottsdale this year goes well beyond the cactus league games as the opening round of the baseball classic begins just over a week
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from now. the semifinals and finals will be held at at&t park in march. ten representing their various nation's teams with affeldt and vogel song on team usa. >> it would be a real nice thing to win the thing since the u.s. hasn't won it yet. it would be very cool to be a part of the first u.s. team to win the tournament. so i'm excited about it. >> reporter: giants outfielder angel pagan is taking part with the puerto rican national team. >> i'm getting ready to represent my country, and i just want to be the best i can be out there. but we are losing the focus of what we're trying to accomplish as a team to go there and win another championship. >> reporter: keep an eye this spring for the new batting hel mels the players will be wearing. safety and fit is the consideration. no longer hard plastic, these are made out of an aerospace grade carbon fiber composite. >> they'll protect much more,
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they're more compact. hopefully a good answer for us to be safe. >> reporter: again, the action starts tomorrow with the giants taking on the angels right here at scottsdale stadium to kick off cactus league play. that's the scene from arizona. back to you in the studio. >> lawrence, thank you very much. man, baseball is here. >> almost springtime. a nice day on this friday. christina loren, how is the weekend looking? >> it is looking great. as warm here as it will be in scottsdale for that big game. tomorrow, 65 degrees. unfortunately, we won't be able to see the game, but you can listen to the game on our media partner knbr. 65 degrees, warm conditions as they take on the angels. for us, we're warming up nicely. 57 in novato, 51 in san francisco, 55 san jose, look at sunnyvale already at 60. boding very well for the nice warm day we have on tap. just want to show you futurecast. give aw wide view. we do have a storm system that
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sits to the north. watch this. we set this thing in motion. most of those showers just kind of fall apart. as this dry cold front comes through tomorrow, we'll wake up with mostly cloudy conditions, a little drizzle possible in the north bay, not expecting much, then high pressure moves in quickly. saturday and sunday looking very warm, comfortable conditions on the way. 65 for livermore, 63 fremont, 63 in san jose. we'll hold on to the 60s for your saturday but the low 60s. we'll warm you right back up on sunday. leveling off tuesday to wednesday, then you got to love thursday, 71 degrees for next week. temperatures looking good for the beach. yeah, let's make those plans, guys. >> i love it. we're not even to this weekend and we're going to the next. >> weekends are eternal. the visual, thinking ahead. time for us to move on. up next, the quest for oscar gold. we'll take a look at the biggest categories and which actors are the favorites, plus the attention surrounding the
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unconventional host.
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all right. do you have your gown ready? are you ready to do this? >> yes. >> i've got my tux all rented. a rookie is ready to take the reins at this sunday's academy awards. >> you may not know his face, but you will recognize his voice. >> it feels like about seven figures a year, which feels pretty good. >> that's awesome. seth mcfar lan most known for his many voices on "family guy" is hosting this year's oscars. it's an effort to shake up the ceremony by bringing younger viewers to the show. that puts pressure on macfarlane for sunday night. >> he's taking a big risk, but i don't think he would have taken
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it if he didn't know he could do it. >> even if he sprouts wings on stage and, you know, levitates five feet off the ground live on television, that "entertainment weekly" will still go, eh. >> lots of people have actually seen this year's nominees. after the break, we're going to take a break at some of the oscar predictions. >> look forward to it. >> look into our crystal ball.
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who are the favorites for the oscars this year? >> the category truly up for grabs is oscar in a supporting role. all five have won before, but robert de niro's last one was 32 years ago, i think that was "raging bull." >> and the same movie jennifer lawrence nominated for best actress. she's already won the golden globe. they say this category still has
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the toughest competition. >> as for best actor, easy favorite is daniel day-lewis. he was strong portraying abraham loin done.
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>> kenneth, i'm gonna duck uptown and have lunch with my boyfriend. >> yes, ma'am. is that code for some kind of older gal medical procedure? >> no, kenneth. i really have a boyfriend. look. he's handsome and a doctor. >> a doctor? well don't get too attached. as soon as people realize his tonics don't work, it's on to the next town. >> hey, ken, you know what i have a craving for? >> jerk chicken from that place in mill basin? >> and some? >> catalog photos of expectant mothers in their swimming suits? >> you are my radar o'reilly, ken. now get in here and rub my feet till you hear a chopper coming. >> lemon, how's tracy? what's his mood? >> oh, upbeat and confused.
11:29 am
>> perfect. you know his contract is up. >> has it been that long? boy, we sure have done some crazy things with tracy in the last three years. >> huh, we sure have. >> i'm thinking about some of them now. >> me too. anyway, i'm handling the tracy thing myself. >> right. play hardball. get your business jollies. well, sadly enough this time with tracy it's not about money anymore. his video game made a fortune and he invested all of it in a company that dismantles bank signs. they're doing very well. >> you don't think he's gonna leave, do you? >> oh, don't worry. when you're above money, personal relationships become your currency. tracy and i have become quite close. look. we got bff bracelets. >> you guys are best friends forever? >> that's not what that stands for. >> [whispers unintelligibly] >> why would you celebrate that? >> so wait, tell me where you went to school again? >> well, uh, i-- >> hey, you really look nice today. >> thank you. >> do you know her? >> no, i don't think so. >> oh, wait! no, no! no, uh, that's my car.

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